Delayed Flights & Airport Layovers!

Thank you. Wishing you lots of travel stories

Arpita's Travelogue

I am sure, one time or the other, most of us have been through this! I have spent many hours at the Airport, sometimes due to my flight getting delayed, other times for a Layover. However, it need not always be a boring affair. There is actually so much you can do with the time you have on your hands! Hell, it can even be a mini trip in itself. Want to know how?

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Smart Phones to the Rescue


As I mentioned in my In-Flight Travel Essentials post, I never leave for a trip, without a fully charged iPhone. The iPhone or any Smart phone is such a multi-utility device. It comes in handy especially during such times. Use this time between flights or waiting for a flight, to catch up with your favorite Music, Call a friend you haven’t spoken in a long time or update your…

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6 Words Story challenge – LOST

Thank you bloggers 101.  I read your inputs on this subject and I want to join in this community challenge.  Not that I am that creative, I have a real feeling of LOST, but I can handle it, and in the same breath I want to practice this ping back.  Hope it works. You will find the challenge on:

My 6 words on “lost”


About Religion, Acceptance And Love

A Momma's View

I might get myself into dangerous territory here. But there is one thing that I need to get off my chest. Actually I already did a little while ago with this post. So just for being clear: I’m aware of the fact that religion is really important to many of you. I’m aware that you believe and that you gain a lot of strength out of it. I’m aware that your believes helped many of you through really hard times.

So I thought it’s time for some lists.

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Presents by air

Making memories
the parcel
Today I posted my grandson’s birthday present. He will be turning three. That sounds so small, what does he know about life?

I know, when we Skype, he shouts my name the loudest.

I loved putting the present together. Fitting all the different things into the smallest box that will hold everything. I know they are waiting for the present on that side. There is something in it for everybody.
I got advice and will try e-shopping next time and just send a card from this side to make it that little personal. What do you think?
Last year when they came to visit us, we celebrated the birthdays that we missed. My granddaughter had a princess party and we took lots of pictures. I made her a little story book on the event including all the pictures – capturing memories. This guy had a pirate party and we went on a dam with a ski-boat and his dad did some lovely skiing (and falling)

Heading back home? The essential travel bag for your little ones! 

We all dread that long plane ride with or without the nanny. All we crave is momentary peace while the kids find some sort of entertainment. Problem is, when you have younger kids like myself inflight entertainment simply won’t cut it! The trick is entertaining them on the hour every hour. On my last flight back home to Cairo I planned ahead and created a little back pack with activities and goodies to keep them busy through out the flight and more important to keep me sane! Combining both educational and recreational treats the kids were a total bliss. I packed them play dough, stickers, colours, a colour book and a puzzle. They loved it! After doing a little research online I came across “The Happy Box” a box that is available to buy and pre packed to keep your little ones busy! I have attached a few images and…

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Inspired by the Neighbors – 101

Inspiration.  It is interesting to know what inspires me.  I am a person of little words.  So little, that I can be misunderstood. On the other hand I love to read (even long) blogs when people are so in touch with their emotions or they say something in such a way that I can see it or feel with them.  I also love exciting stuff – what is behind the corner!   Maybe that is why my granddaughter says “Ouma, I like visiting you”.

I have been inspired by a very busy guy.  He is active on commons and have a great blog.  He asked me some questions on my blog and that made me to think even harder on what I want to do with my blog and who are my readers.

Does somebody really live on the airport?

I have learned to be more specific.  I checked my tags and stumbled on more “like me” bloggers.  Thanx mr with the fit blog name of Vibrant.

I do not live on the airport, but a lot is happening there.  I do visit it to say hello and goodbye or to board a plane.   This is why I have this blog.  I believe more people feel that the airport is the link to their loved ones.

Yesterday on our news they mentioned that on Heathrow airport the personnel are trained to assist kids and “there make believe friends.”  This can be an expensive outing.  Life is VERY interesting.

See you on the airport

Two blonds with blue eyes

Maybe I should buy my own aeroplane.  I would love to attend two upcoming events.  Sunshine, he is turning 3 and Elsa (she loves FROZEN) and I shall call her by that name, is going to the “BIG” school on Sept 3.

Every time when it is a birthday on the other side of the world – I put together a present and I post it.  The main person of the day gets the biggest present, but everybody else in the household also get something.  Now the excitement is bigger.  Everybody is waiting for the present!!.  I love putting it together.

It is somewhat of a challenge though – the parcel MUST NOT BE TO HEAVY OR TO BIG.

For Elsa, the little scholar, I am sending some stickers to paste on her face or door when she feels she did something great at school.

Any suggestions?