Two blonds with blue eyes

Maybe I should buy my own aeroplane.  I would love to attend two upcoming events.  Sunshine, he is turning 3 and Elsa (she loves FROZEN) and I shall call her by that name, is going to the “BIG” school on Sept 3.

Every time when it is a birthday on the other side of the world – I put together a present and I post it.  The main person of the day gets the biggest present, but everybody else in the household also get something.  Now the excitement is bigger.  Everybody is waiting for the present!!.  I love putting it together.

It is somewhat of a challenge though – the parcel MUST NOT BE TO HEAVY OR TO BIG.

For Elsa, the little scholar, I am sending some stickers to paste on her face or door when she feels she did something great at school.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Hi Nelia, We have tried various things to get gifts to our family on the other side of the world. In the beginning we choose light gifts but still the postage was often more than the gift Then we mutually decided not to do gifts unless we were there in person but that changed again when the grandchildren came along. I have had the joy of discovering on line shops in New Zealand. Armed with the Internet I was able to buy my new granddaughter an assortment of clothes when she was born (we had been saving for the special arrival). I could choose them on line, and could also include a toy for big brother. I added delivery and paid for it with my credit card. Three or more days later I got a message from my son with a picture of all the loot. Just an idea to explore next time there is a special day .


  2. I love the idea of you buying gifts for everyone. My grandma sent Bobby and I packages every other month or so for years. Oreo, Bugles. We never knew what goodies we wood find. SOmetimes she made us something. Sometimes she included a few dollars…. I miss her.
    I send cards out as much as I can to my niece and nephews kids. I wish I could afford the packages. For their birthdays and holidays, I send money to my sister to shop for them. I hate doing it like that but It saves shipping.
    Years ago, I would send packages whenever the mood struck me.
    They will enjoy whatever you send them.

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    1. Hi Sarah, you were the first blogger to write me a long comment and you are still here. I love it! Thanx for the encouragement. If I am an experienced blogger I will do the same with the newies. Thanx for telling me about the packages and the money. Money will be the easiest. Waiting for the parcel is part of excitement – and this is what I like the best.


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