Our source of strength

This weekendsprekers more thanGroup skittervroue 600 woman gathered to celebrate being a child of God.

The wind mill was used as an analogy – stay in the water source – God.

Let God become more.  ons drie skitterForget your own ego.  Be Gods heart and be proud of how He made you and celebrate how super God created others.

SHINE, be a brilliant child.


Rose fiddler

I started “BetwRose violinisteen flights” because life goes on even if you are not with all the people that you love at that moment.

I focus on the beauty of life. There is so MUCH to see, listen, feel and appreciate.  The beauty of nature, a song on the radio or a bird singing.

A friend send me this picture.  I just love the creativity.

Gratitude and Apartheid

DSCN0203We are a variety of cultures working together.  When it is somebody’s birthday we sang “happy birthday” in three languages.  Friday I experienced a valuable moment while I was translating an Afrikaans song into English.

My Afrikaans speaking colleague entered, look at what I was doing and started to sing the song in Afrikaans.  Our Setswana speaking colleague walked passed,  listened to the tune, then he called two other Setswana colleagues and they started to sing the song in Setswana.

We discovered that all of us learned this song in our mother tongue when we were children.  Although we grew up during the  “Apartheid” years we found another thing that we have in common.  This was a real moment of gratitude.


Afrikaans:  “Tel jou seeninge tel hul een vir een …”

English:   “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, …”  

Setswana:   “O bale masego a gago,  a o a neilweng ke modimo …”

First steps in a BIG school


This little girl went to  to the real school today.  Her tie, dress, shoes and everything else were made ready for stepping over into the big school.  She can already read and write, unlike us, her grandparents.  How times have changed!!  Today’s kids are being born clever and wise enough to handle all the electronic media that I am still getting used to.

She is also very committed to grow her hair  “like Elsa from Frozen”    When my husband and I mentioned her hair (via Skype) she pulled it to the side and proudly said “my hair is SUPER long”

We wish her a super school year, with super teachers, super friends, super learning and a super family to walk with her.