Friends spreading Wings

friends spreading wings

Between flights have another meaning.  We are in a restructuring process at work because of the damaging economy in the mining sector.  It is frightening and exiting at the same time.

16 of us worked very close together.  We became like family. The birds on the white board represent us, flying.   Now it is interesting to hear the future plans.  Some are taking a voluntary sewerage packet, some are moving to other sections.  Some are waiting to hear if they will still have work next month.  Some are dreaming, (planning) about something they always wanted to do – maybe now is the time!

It was wonderful times for me, making real friends with people from different cultures.  We REALLY got to know one another.  Now as my friends spread wings – only time will tell.  Guys, I am going to miss you.  May God keep you save and happy.