Teeth and the tooth fairy


I  have the privilege to go through this wonderful process all over again.  Diamond is cutting his first tooth and his parents are very thrilled.  On the picture you can see them searching for those treasures.   His face shows some confusion.  I think he wants to ask: “what are your finger doing on my gums?”

If you look real hard  this picture will show the treasure.  There are two of them.  Such a proud moment.IMG-20151018-WA0002

There is another tooth story to tell from the other household.  We got a message, “PUT ON YOUR SKYPE.  Elsa (five years eight months) wants to show you something”.   She smiled and wiggled her loose tooth. She stood so close in the Skype camera that we could feel the vibration.  She also took an apple saying, “maybe this will work” – she took a big bite, looked at the apple and said, “nothing”.   And now two weeks later her dad sent us, the grandparents, this this picture on WhatsApp.  I would have loved to see the picture of the little face with the gap, but her daddy has a mind of his own.


Elsa was so exited about this tooth and the story of the tooth fairy that she made this two very artistic objects.


The fish is just for fun.

The piggy bank is for the tooth fairy >

This art really did something to the tooth fairy.  She did not only drop some coins, she also added a letter that Elsa proudly showed to us during our follow up Skype session.

I say: “Thank you for technology and the tooth fairy – they create happiness.”


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