I wanted to put something funny on the t-shirts.  People should smile when they read it.  I found this one  “FAMILIES are like fudge… mostly sweet with lots of NUTS.”  Then I wanted to put something more serious. “TIME spend with FAMILY is worth every SECOND.”   My husband suggested a picture.

The T-shirts is for every member of the family from grandparents to babies.  Within a month we will share a long planned family holiday.    Its been over two years that the whole family has been together.

I asked the guys to vote for a logo.  I send them some examples.  Then the one guy who actually lives alone suggested this one


Makes a Family”

I think this one will do just fine.  It is not possible to be together every minute.  But love does make a family.  Love makes us even cherish the nuts.

What do you think?


Highlight of the day

Small moments make a day perfect and give us a change to celebrate whats right with the world.

I received a short video-clip about my grandson.  Sitting on his daddy’s lap, holding the steering wheel while driving into their garage.  He is 9 months old.  His mom said “it is the highlight of his day.” 🙂

Or… was it his dad’s highlight, smiling and maneuvering the car and his excited son? Or was it his mom’s highlight holding the camera, capturing a golden moment.  Or was it mine, receiving the whatsApp ?

Everyday I look for that special moments.  A song, a sunset, a smile.  What will make your day full of light?  What can you do to lighten someone else path?