I wanted to put something funny on the t-shirts.  People should smile when they read it.  I found this one  “FAMILIES are like fudge… mostly sweet with lots of NUTS.”  Then I wanted to put something more serious. “TIME spend with FAMILY is worth every SECOND.”   My husband suggested a picture.

The T-shirts is for every member of the family from grandparents to babies.  Within a month we will share a long planned family holiday.    Its been over two years that the whole family has been together.

I asked the guys to vote for a logo.  I send them some examples.  Then the one guy who actually lives alone suggested this one


Makes a Family”

I think this one will do just fine.  It is not possible to be together every minute.  But love does make a family.  Love makes us even cherish the nuts.

What do you think?


Tune it

Today my piano was tuned and cleaned.  The operator had 30 years of experience.  I watched him how he took out the different parts with quick and knowledgeable hands.  Within an hour he was finished.  He played a quick tune and said, “When last did you hear him play like this”

At the beginning of the new year I am wondering if I need some tuning.  Some fine tuning by my Master.

When last did you hear me play like this.

Friends spreading Wings

friends spreading wings

Between flights have another meaning.  We are in a restructuring process at work because of the damaging economy in the mining sector.  It is frightening and exiting at the same time.

16 of us worked very close together.  We became like family. The birds on the white board represent us, flying.   Now it is interesting to hear the future plans.  Some are taking a voluntary sewerage packet, some are moving to other sections.  Some are waiting to hear if they will still have work next month.  Some are dreaming, (planning) about something they always wanted to do – maybe now is the time!

It was wonderful times for me, making real friends with people from different cultures.  We REALLY got to know one another.  Now as my friends spread wings – only time will tell.  Guys, I am going to miss you.  May God keep you save and happy.

Rose fiddler

I started “BetwRose violinisteen flights” because life goes on even if you are not with all the people that you love at that moment.

I focus on the beauty of life. There is so MUCH to see, listen, feel and appreciate.  The beauty of nature, a song on the radio or a bird singing.

A friend send me this picture.  I just love the creativity.

Gratitude and Apartheid

DSCN0203We are a variety of cultures working together.  When it is somebody’s birthday we sang “happy birthday” in three languages.  Friday I experienced a valuable moment while I was translating an Afrikaans song into English.

My Afrikaans speaking colleague entered, look at what I was doing and started to sing the song in Afrikaans.  Our Setswana speaking colleague walked passed,  listened to the tune, then he called two other Setswana colleagues and they started to sing the song in Setswana.

We discovered that all of us learned this song in our mother tongue when we were children.  Although we grew up during the  “Apartheid” years we found another thing that we have in common.  This was a real moment of gratitude.


Afrikaans:  “Tel jou seeninge tel hul een vir een …”

English:   “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, …”  

Setswana:   “O bale masego a gago,  a o a neilweng ke modimo …”