I wanted to put something funny on the t-shirts.  People should smile when they read it.  I found this one  “FAMILIES are like fudge… mostly sweet with lots of NUTS.”  Then I wanted to put something more serious. “TIME spend with FAMILY is worth every SECOND.”   My husband suggested a picture.

The T-shirts is for every member of the family from grandparents to babies.  Within a month we will share a long planned family holiday.    Its been over two years that the whole family has been together.

I asked the guys to vote for a logo.  I send them some examples.  Then the one guy who actually lives alone suggested this one


Makes a Family”

I think this one will do just fine.  It is not possible to be together every minute.  But love does make a family.  Love makes us even cherish the nuts.

What do you think?


Highlight of the day

Small moments make a day perfect and give us a change to celebrate whats right with the world.

I received a short video-clip about my grandson.  Sitting on his daddy’s lap, holding the steering wheel while driving into their garage.  He is 9 months old.  His mom said “it is the highlight of his day.” 🙂

Or… was it his dad’s highlight, smiling and maneuvering the car and his excited son? Or was it his mom’s highlight holding the camera, capturing a golden moment.  Or was it mine, receiving the whatsApp ?

Everyday I look for that special moments.  A song, a sunset, a smile.  What will make your day full of light?  What can you do to lighten someone else path?



Welcome to my world.  This blog is about how to keep contact with your loved ones that is on the other side of the world  – It is about plans, dreams, wish lists,  missed events or whatever AND eventually the magic moments.

I am Nelia de Villiers. Based in Kathu, South Africa. Family loving and always finding possiblility in everything. Missing my family. Wanting to see my loved ones much, much more.

Please feel free to  share something about your family,  ideas to keep contact, planning or what is on your mind